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  •  And you thought we forgot... LATE NIGHT 9.23.2017 GRUB:: NACHO TAILS braised pot roast + corn tortilla + white boy queso TRAILER PARK CALAMARI fried calamari + miso mayo + watermelon rind kimchi CHILI CHEESE SKINNY FRIES red bean chili + cheddar SOPRESSATA SLIDERS fried green tomato + spicy rosemary mayo + garlicky greens + hot sopressata TRUFFLE TRIO white chocolate & berry // dark chocolate champagne // salted rose caramel & walnut THE SLICES:: P1 RAY'S COUSIN spicy garlic marinara + salami + oregano & mozz P2 banana & coconut curry + smoked chicken + mozzarella DRANK:: Girl Power gin + black berry shrub + lime + honey basil simple syrup
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    Notes are coming soon! In the meantime, feel free to go to Bread & Circus Provisions.com for some of my delicious meats and treats.

    May 2, 2014 | Foodway Diaries

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    Manny Augello is a chef based in Lafayette, LA that loves experimenting on recreating the old style of cooking with seasonal ingredients.